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Download the Latest Version of the "Better Minecraft [Plus]" Modpack using Curseforge/ gdLauncher.

Step 1.

Download the file below and extract it inside the                                                                             modpack's

directory that probably looks something like this.

Step 2.

Step 3. Optional

To increase ram capacity open "Profile Options" as demonstrated below and turn off "Use System Memory Settings", the preferred ram capacity is 8 Gb's but setting it higher would give you a massive performance boost.

Step 4. 

1. After starting the game join the server using this IP:

2. If you want to use OptiFine remove the Magnesium & Dynamic Lights Reforged Mod

3. Join vc3 in our Discord server to chat with players on the server.
(There's Voice Chat built-in the modpack press 'V' to configure it)

Dark Lands

Dark Lands

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